Daria Hlazatova: An Artist Worth Knowing

Is anyone curious about the illustration on the home page of The Chic Void? Perhaps there are some readers who have seen this image before, while others are wanting to know more. Well, for the latter, The Chic Void would like to introduce you to artist and illustrator, Daria Hlazatova.

I came across Daria’s work on Pinterest a few years ago when I was searching for inspiration for my own drawings and paintings. I couldn’t find a lot of information about her let alone all the titles to her illustrations, but I did come across an interview between her and TalentHouse.com.

Here’s a bit of their exchange:

TH: Tell us about your art and style?

Daria: I have my own style. Sometimes, I receive comments from people saying my drawings remind them of Beardsley or Edward Gorey. Thanks to comments I discovered these wonderful artists. But I like to think of my work and style as a synthesis of everything I have seen, enjoyed, and dreamed of. Mystical and fairy tale elements are probably obvious in my work, and again their presence is not intentional, but something that just naturally comes up in my drawings because I love myths and legends so much.

TH: What inspires you?

Daria: Music, traveling, gardens, oceans, people, theatre, but above all determination and perseverance.

As a creative, I think Daria puts it best when she said, “… I like to think of my work and style as a synthesis of everything I have seen, enjoyed, and dreamed of.” This is why Daria’s art is featured on the home page, because after all, this is what The Chic Void is all about!

Wouldn’t it be nice if The Chic Void could conduct their own interview with Daria?

Here are a few of my favorite illustrations by Daria Hlazatova:

Daria 1DAria 4Daria 3Daria 2

For more about Daria, check out her website: www.dariahlazatova.com

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