Thoughts on Summer

I have not been posting as much as I usually do since summer has arrived, but I have been tuning in to the sounds, smells and feels of the season. Whether that is soaking up the sun on a beach or rooftop, picnics in the park, or swimming in the public pool in Brooklyn, being present in the peak of a season allows you to absorb all of the calm and joy it has to offer.

Here’s a passage from Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan that captures the thoughts of summer perfectly:

From dawn onward I was in the water. It was cool and transparent, and I plunged wildly about in my efforts to wash away the shadows and dust of Paris. I lay stretched out on the sand, took up a handful and let it run through my fingers in soft, yellow streams. I told myself that it ran out like time. It was an idle thought, and it was pleasant to have idle thoughts, for it was summer.

Let the idle thoughts flow and get your summer on! And if you are getting tired of the heat, remember the cold weather will come, so enjoy this moment.

summer 2

More content to come!

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