Eucalyptus: A Simple Anxiety And Stress Reducing Hack



Eucalyptus has many healing and health benefits including improved respiratory health, improved immune system function, reduced stress and anxiety, natural anti-inflammatory, improved skin health, and healer of wounds and infections.

There are many ways to incorporate eucalyptus into your wellness routine, but the easiest way is through aromatherapy. Using an essential oil diffuser is one way to do this, but another way is hanging a bouquet of eucalyptus in your shower to activate its oils. Hanging the plant in your shower and letting the steam from the warm water do all the work will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, while also leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.  Plus, it adds a nice aesthetic to your space!

All you have to do is buy some eucalyptus and form a small bouquet, tie it with a rubber band and hang it behind the shower head. You want to avoid the bouquet getting too wet, but it’s okay if it gets some water on it.

Here are some ideas for placement:

eucalyptus 2
Eucalyptus is placed on the shower head.
eucalyptus 1
Eucalyptus is placed on the shower curtain rod. This placement should be used only if you do not have space on the shower head itself.

I incorporated this simple hack recently and I’ve really enjoyed taking showers with a beautiful green plant as its aromas dance around my bare body. Try it out for yourself and see how you like it!

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