Milan Fashion Week : Gucci FW20

gucci 1

Today in Milan, Gucci invited the audience to sit around an enclosed rotating stage that had what appeared to be a pendulum at its center ticking back and forth. Smoke filled the stage and as it cleared the stage team dressed and prepped the models, until the first model stood fully dressed and statuesque. Then, the second dressed model appeared, and then the next until the whole stage was one continuous rotating circle displaying Gucci’s Fall Winter 2020 collection.

The clothes themselves seem to cover a vast period of time starting with pilgrim-esque vibes, then 1950’s New York, to 1970’s and finally modern day, with ripped jeans and leather harnesses. There were also a couple ball gowns mixed into the collection. It was a bit all over the place, but that’s what designer Alessandro Michele does best, by taking the past, present, and future and mixing them all together.

gucci 4

After the collection took a final spin on the stage, the models exited and began to walk the runway surrounding the platform as the stage hands stepped forward and took their place. Men and women standing in gray industrial tops and bottoms looked out as the collection danced around them. Then, the models leave the runway and the stage stops spinning and designer Alessandro Michele walks out and takes a bow. The lights go out, and the show ends.

gucci 3

Although the clothes were nothing to get excited about, the artistic execution and message of the performance stood out. Michele clearly conveys the message of revealing the people behind the scenes that make the magic happen.

If you want to see the show in action, check it out here:

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