COVID-19: Shook

cv 3
Maison Martin Margiela

Do you think those masks in the picture above could protect you from COVID-19? Probably not, but it is great to know that a lot of fashion designers are using their time and resources to make masks and other medical gear our world demands in this moment!

These last few weeks have developed quickly and have shaken each and every one of our lives. Most of us are sitting at home working from afar, others are showing up to work to provide essential societal needs like medical, food, pharmacy, etc., while others might be out of work entirely.

The Chic Void was originally set up to talk about deep thoughts, storytelling and aesthetics. A lot of recent posts surround the fashion world and new creative designs coming out of it. At this time, that conversation seems frivolous and irrelevant. Times like these make you realize what we humans spend our time and money on, and when it’s all stripped away or the context changes, it might feel empty. That’s why The Chic Void is going to pivot hard into its main passion: storytelling.

Over the next few weeks, The Chic Void will host conversations with different women from all over the country (and possibly globe) to see how this global pandemic is affecting them. Now is the time to come together and have deep conversations about the world as we know it, the world as we hope to know it again, and the importance to connect to ourselves through it all.

Stay healthy!



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