End of Summer Reading List

Summer is almost over but your reading list should never end. Here are some suggestions to check out in fiction, non-fiction and even self-help:

book 1
Why Read It? Because we can all use a little (or a lot of) help talking about race and its relevancy in society.
book 2
Why Read It? Because Jesmyn Ward is one of the best literary writers of our time. 
book 3
Why Read It? Well, if you are a woman and you want to feel like you have complete control over the most powerful system in your body, you should check this book out. Vitti designs a program to bio-hack your hormone system in order to achieve balance, creativity, and productivity.
book 4
Why Read It? If your intrigued by true crime, the Manson murders and the 60s, this is your book. This will take you on a journey that reveals the secrets of the past that only the present can bring to light.
book 5
Why Read It? Another great fiction read by a talented writer who takes the readers back in time to the ugly world of slavery in the United States. The writing is elegant and often leaves the reader pausing to appreciate the single sentence they just read. 


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