Remote Couture 2020 : What Stood Out

What do fashion houses do when they can no longer entertain hundreds of guests for a debut of their couture collection on the runway? They explore other mediums, mainly video production. Although some of the biggest fashion houses gave their best attempts i.e. Chanel, Valentino, Dior etc., a lot of them fell short.

Many of the videos that were released felt like glorified music videos, long form perfume commercials, or behind the scenes-type-videos with the designer and an inside look at the atelier.  However, there were exceptions.

For example, Dior created a sense of escapism that began with miniature couture designs that your childhood dolls could only dream of. The miniature models were then packaged up in a carrying case held by two men traveling through the forest. Along the way, they encounter “forest creatures” – nymphs, mermaids, horned people, tree people etc., and eventually give them a dress of their choice in their actual size. It’s like a dream or fairytale, but it fails to include any form of diversity with its ALL white cast. But seriously, whose dream is that? This video is gorgeous, there is no arguing that, but it misses an opportunity to be inclusive and responsive to the times we live in. You can check it out here:

Unlike Dior, Parisian label, Aganovich gave viewers something else entirely. A stop motion picture with an edgy soundtrack and even edgier aesthetics. Aganovich actually seemed to be ahead of the masks the Corona Virus would lead us all to wear by playing with the idea of masked models in his collections. In the label’s video, you will not only see facial coverings but even some whole body coverage. Models dance and engage as if no barrier was between them – is this a message to us now as we all socially distance and change the way we interact with our world? Check the video out here:

These two designers did completely different things, but they bare one thing in common: powerful visual storytelling. This type of fashion delivery may be laying its foundation for the house it will create in the future.

To see all the videos released for Couture 2020, visit:


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