Valentino & The Darkened Void

pierpaulo p
Valentino Creative Director, Pierpaola Piccioli

Valentino’s Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli, and British photographer Nick Knight teamed up to create The Performance: of Grace and Light for the remote season of fall Couture 2020.

In response to the difficulties of creating and executing during socially distant times, Piccioli told Vogue Runway, “I didn’t want to feel the limitations. Couture is made for emotions, dreams,” he said. “It was super-emotional for us all to be here together to win this challenge. A moment I will never forget.” Piccioli and Knight took their creative vision to famed Rome movie lot, Cinecitta and executed a display that was reminiscent of the old magic of cinema. The backdrop was all black, and the clothing was mostly white with accents of silver that cascaded down as models were suspended on ladders or trapeze rings. This still performance was an exaggerated vision that took place in a very chic void.

v 8

Here are some of The Chic Void’s favorite looks from Valentino Couture 2020:

valentino 1

v 2

v 4

v 3

v 7

v 6


Let’s hope that this collection will live one day in museums like The Met, and be remembered as an example of the creativity that is born during the darkest of times.



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